with Craig Darling

Official Google Agency Accelerator Application

Limit: 9 People

Dear Friend and Fellow Agency Owner,

I’m not going to sell you on this.

Sure. I probably could convince a ton of people to apply if I used my tactics, but the fact is – if you need convincing this isn’t for you.

With that said, I’ll just lay it on the line and let you decide for yourself…

Here's What The Program Will Do For You

First of all, this is the only way you can ever get DIRECT IN PERSON ACCESS TO ME

Obviously, I’m not psychic so I have no idea what you’ll do with my advice.

However, with 2 decades of experience in internet sales, hundreds of local business clients, and now 18 alumni from this coaching program, that means you won't be unsure about what you need to focus on at any given time.

I’ll have a vested personal interest in your success and will be able to keep an eye on you to help prevent any pitfalls before they happen.

How This Translates Into Money

Are you going to grow a successful Google Business Profiles management agency with me?

Honestly, that’s solely up to you, because I can’t say what you’ll do with my advice but…

However, each of my private clients or agencies I’ve consulted have experienced results that speak for themselves.

So my overall track record is pretty good… And if you truly need an endorsement to the quality of my work I invite you to ask anyone who knows me.

And to keep that streak going be sure that If you’re accepted I’ll invest the same care and attention that my one on one clients received since I’ve perfected this process.

Here's How It Works

Your Agency Accelerator Group will consist of you and just 8 other members, that’s it.

I’ll be the facilitator and guy who at the end of the day, Helps Make You More Money.

We’ll meet as a group weekly, and our meetings will go as follows:

The meetings will be held via Zoom and we are starting in two weeks.

We will set measurable and attainable goals for your Agency

After each session, you’ll be busy working towards the next milestone looking forward to the next event before you ever get home. These meetings are so informational and exciting from beginning to end you won’t believe this could be “working” on your business.

Each member will have their “turn” to talk about their business, current hurdles, and we’ll work as a group to make you even more money. I’ve seen these sessions alone create partnerships and deals to generate an additional six figures in revenue.

The reason this is so powerful is because you get 9 “fresh sets of eyes” to look at your business with a new and different perspective. Many will have already overcome your exact same problems and can provide insight into why their solution worked.

From experience, I can tell you that this environment truly leads to more breakthroughs than anything you’ve ever witnessed. Just one “A-HA” moment can be the one thing you needed to succeed.

Here's What You Need To Do To Start

Membership is a flat $6,000 ( 3 x $2,000 payments ). There is also a 2-pay option for $5,000 saving you $1000. If you gasped at the price this isn’t for you.

There’s no fine print because you can quit at any time. There are no refunds, but if you do quit, you can never get back into my inner circle. I give 100% and will require you to commit the same to yourself and your Agency.

I’m only accepting 9 people. If you’re accepted I’ll let you know by next week.

Once you submit your application it will be reviewed by myself and my staff and a confidential interview call will be scheduled.

The way this thing is set up I CANNOT take more than 9 Agencies. So if you’re one of the ones I have to turn down please don’t hold it against me. – it’s definitely not personal. And I will put you on the waiting list in case a spot opens up.

Applications will be reviewed on a First Come Basis.

This Is Not For Everybody: So Here's Who Should Apply

1. Those Who Have An Established Agency / Business

By applying you are stating that you meet this qualification. I’m not looking for startup agencies that are still “wet behind the ears”. We’ll be covering higher-level and more advanced strategies so the basics of getting started are assumed to be pretty solid.

2. You Have A Steady Flow of New Customers

I’m not looking to save a business, we’re looking to explode yours to new levels that you may have never thought possible.

And to generate sales and profits you must have a plan or strategy in place to generate new leads and customers on a regular basis. We’re going to find ways to strap a rocket booster to your current funnel and then add in additional revenue streams quickly.

3. You Cannot Have A Huge Ego

This is a pretty simple qualification and you know if this is you. You need to be confident yet humble. You cannot simply stroke a check to get in.

You must understand and be willing to follow the philosophy that “all success earned is a byproduct of hard work and evolution” and understand the value of powerful discussions, elegant ideas, and a mastermind group. No big egos or battery drainers – just real players with a desire to double their practice.

That’s it, petty simple. So if you meet the criteria above fill out the application and if you would like to talk with me personally to see if we’re a fit, I’ll be more than happy to set aside some to talk all you have to do is…

Simply fill out the application and let me know you’re interested.

Finally, Congratulations! You’re about to become part of a very close and successful group and be the envy of your peers!